Open Informatics celebrates fifth anniversary

Open Informatics celebrates fifth anniversary!

Established in 2009, Open Informatics is a research-oriented educational concept, whose primary objective is to provide students with quality education comparable with the rest of the world, in the field of computer science, to help them pave the way for connecting (master’s and doctoral) studies at universities in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. The highly demanded, highest-quality education is typically offered by research-oriented universities due to their close connection to the latest advancements in technology, top-level experts and reputation of individual research teams.

Education in modern, dynamic specializations (artificial intelligence, computer vision, software and embedded systems, computer science) is led by a team of quality professionals with extensive international experience. The added value of the program is given by its openness, the following factors playing the key role:

  • High degree of flexibility allowing students to configure their own study profile
  • Availability of minor specializations
  • A wide range of courses taught by top-level experts from across the Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Focus on the standards of internationally recognized tests in computer science, GRE Computer Science
  • Cooperation with foreign universities
  • Graduates of the bachelor’s program are qualified to study their master’s program in computer science anywhere around the world
  • The master's program can be studied by bachelors coming from a wide range of fields, including those not purely informatical
  • Modern, freely available educational materials (inspired by MIT OpenCourseWare)