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ATG seminar series - Martin Rehák

ATG seminar series presents

Modern Security Analytics: Finding a Needle in the Hay Blower

by Martin Rehák

Time: Wednesday, Nov. 23 at 14:30 in room KN:205.


Detection of advanced security threats is one of the exciting problems of current computer science. The field, which has been traditionally considered an art, rather than science, has been undergoing major transformation due to the rapid evolution of attacks staged by government actors and organised crime, rather than the hobbyists and enthusiasts from the past. In order to keep the pace with the attackers, a mix of approaches from machine learning, "big data analytics", game theory and distributed computing is necessary to deliver a robust, scalable and affordable solution to this problem. The talk will concentrate on the stream analytics, i.e. the application of highly efficient machine learning methods to data in flight, prior to their serialisation and more in-depth analytics steps. We will follow one case of malware detection on its path through the system, and we will also shoe that a bit of an art is still necessary to make science work in highly adversarial environment.