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Bicycle Route Planner developed by Agents4ITS group awarded by Otakar Motejl fund.

Members of the Agent-based Computing for Intelligent Transport Systems group (Agents4ITS) placed 4th with their Bicycle Route Planner in the second year of Open data aplication contest organized the Open data forum (Otakar Motejl fund).  


The aplication placed fourth in the Open data aplication contest.

Alltogether there were 24 aplications in the competition. The aim of the contest is to support development and rise of quality social services and promote the social contribution and commercial potencial of open data. The organizer of the contest Open data forum is joint inciative of Otakar Motejl Fund, MFF UK and FIS VŠE.


The Bicycle route planner developed by Jan Hrnčíř, Michal Jakob and Pavol Žilecký allows to plan bicycle journey from point A to B in 6 Czech cities (Praha, Brno, České Budějovice, Plzeň, Hradec Králové, Pardubice). The user is provided with 4 route option customed to the variou needs of cyclers (optimal, calm, flat and fast route options). The aplication uses Open street map data and other open sources.

More about team's work: Agents4ITS Demo server or Agents4its team in ATG