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ATG seminar series - Milan Rollo

ATG seminar series presents

SafeFly – Telemetric system for increased operation safety in a light sport aircraft domain

by Milan Rollo

Wednesday, January 14th, 2014 at 14:30 in room KN:205.



In this talk I’ll present results of the SafeFly project. Its goal was to develop a telemetric system which will increase operation safety in a light sport aircraft domain. Aircraft from this category operate mainly in areas outside the control airspace (CTR) and usually follow visual flight rules (VFR) regulations. However in some cases weather conditions can change rapidly or traffic density may become higher than expected. In such a case it could be difficult for a pilot to see and avoid obstacles and other aircraft as required by VFR. It could be useful for a pilot to have an information about air traffic in its surrounding which could significantly decrease a time necessary to detect other aircraft and take appropriate measures to prevent dangerous situations.

Within this project we developed an advisory tool for cooperative and non-cooperative collision avoidance for light sport aircraft domain. This system is capable of autonomous detection of other aircraft within its proximity based on (i) communication with other airplanes equipped with the same system and (ii) detection of other airplanes using the radio-telemetric device. On-board "glass cocpit" control system was extended with collision detection algorithms predicting these situations in mid-term horizon. This detection is based on mutual exchange of flight trajectories between airplanes in case of airplanes equipped with the same telemetric systems or on trajectory prediction in other cases. Possible solution of the collision situation is presented to the pilot using a graphical user interface. Features of the proposed system were verified by a series of flight tests.