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From Science to Patents, Entrepreneurship and the Future

UI -> IP -> $$$ => **

by professor Jan Štelovský from University of Hawaii at Manoa

Time: Wednesday, May 27 at 14:30 in KN:E-301 (Šrámkova posluchárna)


Dr. Stelovsky will briefly discuss his academic career focusing on contributions to Human-Computer Interaction research and User Interface/User Experience principles then outline his experiences with submitting and obtaining international patents in the area of interactive video. The talk will then focus on founding a startup IT company in Hawaii, relocating its activities to Silicon Valley, especially highlighting the pros and cons of The Valley as a fertile ground for entrepreneurship. The final portion is intended to be a lively brainstorming session about the future of IT entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic and the ways to collaborate and compete with overseas academe, companies and markets - i.e., which of the lessons learned should(n't) and can(not) be emulated locally.

 About the speaker:

Jan Štelovský was born in Prague. In 1968, he left ČSSR for Switzerland. After he received PhD at ETH Zürich, he joined the faculty at the institute of Informatics there, leading the research group in the emerging field of Programming Environments. In 1989, he was offered the professor position at University of Hawaii at Manoa where he spent the next 25 years conducting research in HCI/UX, Multimedia and Software Engineering. In 1996 and 97, he received patents covering interaction synchronized with video. In 2014 he relocated his company, parWinr, Inc., to Silicon Valley. He spent some of his past sabbaticals in Prague (VŠE, ČVUT) and started two SROs in here - Thajemný Svět (Thai fast food) and PrAgEmInt (Prague Employment Agency). A curiosity: as an investor in a travel agency in Thailand, he owned three elephants in the Golden Triangle.