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ATG seminar series - Ondrej Vanek

ATG seminar series presents

Inspection problems of Blindspot Solutions

by Ondrej Vanek

Time: Wednesday, June 24 at 14:30 in room E:205.


in this short seminar, I will present two problems we are trying to solve in Blindspot Solutions. The first problem is an inspection problem the Czech Trade Agency is facing when inspecting petrol stations in the Czech Republic. Another certification authority is facing the second problem, similarly from the inspection domain: how to schedule hundreds of inspectors to give certificates to hundreds of manufacturing sites every day. Both problems have a touch of game theory, however, budget minimization and a large set of different constraints dominate the solution process. We are thus trying to find a balance between randomization and cost minimization using one unified framework. However, the size of the problems prohibits straightforward computation of the final inspection strategy and a number of decompositions are required.