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First competition of distributed and multiagent planners CoDMAP

ATG members Michal Štolba and Antonín Komenda have co-organized first competition of distributed and multiagent planners (CoDMAP) as a part of the 2015 Distributed and Multiagent Planning (DMAP) workshop at International Conference of Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS). The main aims of the competition were to consolidate the planners in terms of input format and formalism, so they can be better compared and to provide a proof-of-concept of a potential future competitions on multi-agent planning. CoDMAP attracted 8 teams from 6 different countries. In sum 12 planners in 17 configurations entered the competition in two tracks: centralized and distributed. In the metrics of solved problems, best performing planner was ADP-legacy (University of Edinburgh) in the centralized track and PSM-VRT (Czech Technical University) in the distributed track.


planner architectures for the planning