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ACM ICPC Maraton (2015)

ACM ICPC Maraton (2015) takes place on 28 Sep 2015 - 30 Sep 2015.

Preparation for participation in the competition CTU Open Contest 2015 and for a possible progress to the next round of global competition ACM ICPC.

The Marathon will be held in form of lectures, active programming and solving of competition tasks.

The lectors are two finalists of ACM ICPC from MFF UK, other coaches from MFF UK and FIT/FEL CTU in Prague.

You will learn new tricks, meet experienced colleagues and solve interesting tasks.


Programme of Marathon

Participation is free. Free food for the participants provided. Capacity is limited.
Registration: 26 Aug - 27 Sep 2015.

Details and more information by Ing. Tomáš Černý: