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Lecture "Life is short - code fast"

All professional craftsmen love their tools. Programmers are no exception to this rule. Let’s see where this passion is coming from and find the roots of that joy.
In this session we will look into how modern IDEs, and especially IntelliJ IDEA, support programmers in their efforts to maximize concentration, limit distractions and automate repetitive work when creating high quality code. We will highlight the various instruments that IDEs can offer - code completion, navigation, refactoring, debugging, testing, code analysis, and see them all work in concert. You’ll learn a few useful tricks that will help you use IntelliJ IDEA effectively. We’ll also touch on the various server-side tools that provide extra value to developers’ daily tasks and see them integrated into the IDE. Last but not the least, the session will offer a brief peek behind the curtain to reveal some of the core principles, on which all the various pieces of clever automated IDE assistance are built.

Lecture from JetBrains - team IntelliJ IDEA

Monday 11.1.2016 at 16:15-17:45 in KN:E-107 (Karlovo náměstí)