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CS seminar series - Tomáš Vítek

CS seminar series presents

Justified assessments of service provider reputation

by Tomáš Vítek from King's College London

Thursday, May 5 at 14:00 in 205


Reputation, influenced by ratings from past clients, is crucial for providers competing for custom. For new providers with less track record, a few negative ratings can harm their chances of growing. In the JASPR project, we aim to look at how to ensure automated reputation assessments are justified and informative. Even an honest balanced review of a service provision may still be an unreliable predictor of future performance if the circumstances differ. For example, a service may have previously relied on different sub-providers to now, or been affected by season-specific weather events. A common way to ameliorate the ratings that may not reflect future performance is by weighting by recency. We argue that better results are obtained by querying provenance records on how services are provided for the circumstances of provision, to determine the significance of past interactions. Informed by case studies in global logistics, taxi hire, and courtesy car leasing, we are going on to explore the generation of explanations for reputation assessments, which can be valuable both for clients and for providers wishing to improve their match to the market, and applying machine learning to predict aspects of service provision which may influence decisions on the appropriateness of a provider. In this talk, I will give an overview of the research conducted and planned on JASPR.

About speaker: 

Tomas Vitek is a PhD research student in Computer Science with the Agents and Intelligent Systems Group in the Department of Informatics at King's College London. He is interested in practical applications of normative systems, particularly in knowledge inference. Before starting his PhD in 2015, he has worked as a software engineer at Twitter.