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Internship in IDA - student from Turkey

Interview with Özge Özaltın, bachelor student from Turkey, who came to Prague, to do her summer internship in IDA laboratory at Department of computer science.

  1. How did you find IDA? Was it difficult to arrange your internship here?

I wanted a lot to do an internship abroad. As nobody didn´t help me, I had to look for it by myself. It was really difficult, because I didn’t know where to search for free internship positions and which were good. I always wanted to visit Prague, so I looked also for the offers in the Czech Republic. In regard to my studies I started searching for any technical university and I found web pages of CTU in Prague and of IDA laboratory. I was interested of the research IDA does and I just wrote email to their chair, prof. Filip Železný, who accepted me for summer internship.

  1. Do you study in Turkey subjects that correspond to the specialization of IDA? Or what is your specialization?

I have not chosen my specialization yet. I’m searching everything to develop myself. However, I am interested in web developing. This subject is different from IDA project.

  1. What did you do here? Did you work on any projects of IDA? Did you collaborate with our PhD students? Who was your supervisor?

My supervisor was doc. Jiří Kléma. I practiced machine learning technıques by my own and I learned feature selection using large dataset corpora.

  1. What did you learn during the internship?

During this internship, I learned classification and clustering technıques using Weka and my main project was automated text categorization connected with understanding of the automated decision. Technically, we selected the relevant features with data reduction techniques which were applied for getting a new dataset, with a compressed representation of the original dataset, but with a distribution nearby the original data.

  1. Is it obligatory or common in Turkey to go for an internship?

Yes, in Turkey we have to do an internship during our studies. At the university we learn everything theoretically and it is necessary to do practice and learn about technology.

  1. What are your future plans? Next semester you will spend in Italy in Erasmus program. Do you want to participate there on any research?

In short terms, I want to develop myself, gain experience and learn new staff. I want to find, which specialization from electronics and communication engineering is best for me and then I want to do the one perfectly. In long term plans I am thinking about doing a doctorate and I want to work as an academician.

Next semester I’m going to Italy within Erasmus program. I would like to participate on some projects but at the moment I do not know which possibilities the university offer to me.

  1. Would you like to stay in academic area after finishing your master? Could you imagine to do your PhD here or other foreign country?

Yes, I want to be academician, because I want to teach and research. These are main ideas of my life. I think people have to search and create new developed in world and I want to participate on it. I like the idea of doing my PhD at CTU, because I liked your lab and working technıques.

  1. This is the first time you traveled out of your country. Was it hard for you? Did you enjoy it?

The idea of coming here was really difficult for me because I was very shy and I didn’t speak fluently. The first days in Prague I was very alone, I didn’t know anybody, but after one or two weeks, I met kind people who helped me in many aspects (such as tasting Czech cuisine, speaking few Czech words or they suggested me some beautiful sightseeing places) and I started enjoying it.

Thank you for your answers and wish you good luck in your future studies and maybe we see you again in 2 years as one of ours PhD students.