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Red Hat opens in FEL open source lab

On the occasion of opening new Red Hat Open Source Lab at FEL CVUT on wednesday 26th of October at 2pm, a special variation of an event called Project Marketplace will be holding. 

At Project Marketplace Red Hat is offering an exciting opportunity to participate in open-source industrial research projects! You will be able to talk to Red Hat developers and learn about their projects. Take the opportunity and work with Red Hat on high-impact experimental development.

During the event, Red Hat Lab project leaders will informally present their projects [each project will have its own position, marked with a poster], show you demos and answer any questions you might have. If you decide to participate, you can enroll in the Red Hat Lab program, getting you access to the Red Hat Labs at the universities and the opportunity to learn from Red Hat developers by working with them. The best participants can even earn a Red Hat Lab stipend! The projects are all open-source, making them a nice CV item.

See more details at Project Marketplace