Main lecturer – Mr. Ira Saul Rubenstein
Mentor – Technology Transfer, ORPTT, CTU

CTU is now in the midst of improving its technology transfer processes, with the goal to make those processes easier to understand and to use.
This seminar will inform participants about this project and receive input from participants that is expected to be of value to this improvement project.
Subjects to be addressed:
- Presentation of the technology transfer/scouts project at CTU
- Experiences with existing commercialization projects (incubated companies, current cooperations, etc.)
- Information regarding Mr. Rubenstein’s mentorship role in the project and his international experiences
- What CTU can offer to people interested in developing, protecting and commercializing technology
- Discussion about ideas and suggestions to make technology transfer work better for professors and students at CTU


Ira Saul Rubenstein is the Mentor for Technology Transfer at Czech Technical University (CVUT), the largest and oldest technology-oriented university in the Czech Republic. He provides senior expert support for development of new approaches to help create and implement a more effective, efficient and internationally competitive system of technology transfer at CVUT.

Mr. Rubenstein is also Senior Partner – International Business at Traficon Advisors s.r.o. in Prague. He specializes in Alternative Energy & Clean Technology (AE&CT) matters and has advised and helped to finance AE&CT companies and projects for nearly 30 years. Business opportunities and client needs have taken him to more than two dozen countries on 4 continents.

Mr. Rubenstein also is Senior Investment Banker with Starlight Investments LLC, a FINRA- registered U.S. broker dealer. He previously was Senior Advisor in the AE&CT investment banking practice at Avalon Group, Ltd., and Managing Director in the AE&CT investment banking practices at Bradley Woods & Co. Ltd., and at Spencer Clarke LLC., all based in New York. He holds FINRA Series 7, 63 and 79 securities licenses in the United States.

Mr. Rubenstein has also been an AE&CT industry entrepreneur, involved in founding several firms, and currently sits as an Observer on the Management Board of Terra Vis a.s. in Slovakia.

Mr. Rubenstein has helped found several business-related non-profit organizations:
- Czech Green Building Council (founding Chairman and Treasurer),
- Slovak Green Building Council (convener of organizational meeting),
- Center for Economic and Environmental Partnership, Inc. (Chairman), and
- Business Incubator Association of New York State, Inc. (incorporator).
He also served as Vice Chairman and Board member of a Ukrainian NGO, the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency.

Mr. Rubenstein is a citizen of both the Czech Republic and the United States.