George Deriso - why/how to make startup

George Deriso, Adjunct Professor, Entrepreneurship at University of Colorado.

“Through that process a new love was revealed to me: the art of business. Maybe it was because
organizations operate like „black boxes“–closed systems with obscure inner workings. Whatever
fed my new passion inspired me to dissect, examine, evaluate and reconstruct businesses to make
them better.
After 6 years at AT&T, I knew what NOT to do. I left to work with startups. Two failed startups later
I learned I had no grasp on entrepreneurship, so I resigned to working for a larger company again.
I spent over a decade at Apple, a company that applied structure to entrepreneurship–and learned
more than I could‘ve imagined.“

SEMINAR 29.11.,10:00, E-205
why/how to make startup
All students - bachelor, master or doctoral degree - are welcome.