Our paper got accepted to ICAPS 2019

New paper by the Planning research group at AIC titled Privacy Leakage of Search-based Multi-Agent Planning Algorithms has been officially accepted for the International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS 2019). The authors of the paper are Michal Štolba, Daniel Fišer and Antonín Komenda and one of them will be presenting it at the conference in Berkeley, CA. See you there in July!

Privacy Leakage of Search-based Multi-Agent Planning Algorithms


Michal Štolba, Daniel Fišer, Antonín Komenda


Privacy-Preserving Multi-Agent Planning (PP-MAP) has recently gained the attention of the research community, resulting in a number of PP-MAP planners and theoretical works. Many such planners lack strong theoretical guarantees, thus in order to compare their abilities w.r.t. privacy, a versatile and practical metric is crucial. In this work, we propose such a metric, building on the existing theoretical work. We generalize and implement the approach in order to be applicable on real planning domains and provide an evaluation of state-of-the-art PP-MAP planners over the standard set of benchmarks. The evaluation shows that the proposed privacy leakage metric is able to provide comparison of PP-MAP planners and reveal important properties.