We cooperate with the Czech Government on the AI impact analysis

The strongest players in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the USA and China, but the European Union is aware of the importance of AI and therefore responds with the announcements of "Artificial Intelligence for Europe" (April 2018) and "AI Coordinated Plan" (December 2018), that encourage EU Member States to strategically identify areas where they want to develop in the field of AI. The Government of the Czech Republic is responding to the aforementioned events and has therefore prepared an expert study to map the potential of the AI in the Czech Republic through the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR).



The report

The output if this cooperation is a study titled "Research of the potential of artificial intelligence development in the Czech Republic" aiming to help the Czech Republic respond to global and European AI activities and find its place on the global market. You can download the report at the gov't website together with additional documents (Czech only).