IoT Security blog series

Are you interested in cybersecurity and want to learn more about how to protect IoT devices from attackers? Then you should follow our IoT Honeypot Analysis Series, in which members of the Stratosphere team blog about the Aposemat project research. Recently, our researcher (currently enrolled in Master study progam) Simona Musilová published an interesting article with analysis of Edimax IC-7113W, a monitoring camera intended for protecting your home or work place - as far as it does not suffer an attack. If you want to read all the posts from the series, see the full list here.

Aposemat project

The Aposemat project is a join project with Avast Software company to create, publish and analyze malware attacks on IoT devices. The project started on February 2018. During 2018 we have been capturing more than 600 IoT malware captures and Honeypot captures, we have analyzed dozens of families and we have work on the development of detection algorithms. Among some of the project's main goals are creating a laboratory of IoT devices ready to be infected and attacked; obtaining and using real IoT malware to infect the devices and store the datasets; analyzing the behaviors in the network in order to find new attacks, new variants of malware and better understand how the malware evolves.