RCI offsite in Kutná Hora

From 24 to 25 September 2019 the RCI Offsite took place in Kutná Hora. More than fifty researchers from FEE and FIT, who are actively involved in the EU-funded Research Center for Informatics (RCI), met on this two-day trip. In addition to the networking part of the trip, which is crucial for bringing together all the researchers (whether in the open air or in a local pub), the event also included an expert conference.

The head of the project (and the leader of our AI Center) prof. Michal Pěchouček shared the financial and staff overview with others and inspired others for the future direction of RCI. The backbone of the conference consisted of nine groups representing all research topics of the project (i.e., robotics, artificial intelligence, computer security, bioinformatics). All academics presented their work, newly published articles and ongoing research. What were some of the talks about?

Conference Day

Viliam Lisý and Branislav Bošanský (AIC FEE) acquainted others with the use of game theory in the field of cybersecurity, for example by setting traps (so-called honeypots) on attackers. Bioinformatics specialist Jan Holub (KTI FIT) explained how we can examine DNA using computational methods. Another presentation followed by a big applause was the one by Daniel Sýkora (DCGI FEL), who introduced the technologies used in animation (such as his solution of style transfer, which contributed to the creation of a new 3D version of the film Lion King). A fairy-tale aspect was also present in a lecture by Petr Škoda (FIT, AV) on a rapidly growing field of astroinformatics, which combines astronomy with methods like active deep learning. According to Škoda, thanks to the Virtual Observatory app, the discovery of new stars may be on the horizon! The end of the conference revolved around robots - Tomáš Krajník (AIC FEE) showed how autonomous robots can map a changing environment, and Tomáš Svoboda (CRAS FEL) brought the audience to mines in Pittsburgh, USA, where the DARPA SubTerranean Challenge took place in which the CTU team finished third.

The RCI project has already achieved great research results in a short period of time and thanks to the trip to Kutná Hora all those who contributed to it could get acquainted with them. The next event is planned by the organizing team for the winter of 2020. We are looking forward to hearing more about the project results!



The project RCI (reg. no. CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_019/0000765) is supported by EU.
It is running from 1/3/2018 to 31/10/2022.