Lecture on Steganography

Tomáš Pevný will give a lecture on Future Directions in Steganography and Steganalysis where he will introduce the state of the art. The talk will take place on Monday, November 18 at 16:15 in Vyčichlova knihovna (room KN:E-112) and you are more than wecome to come even without previous knowledge of steganography.


Future Directions in Steganography and Steganalysis: A Biassed Introduction to the State of the Art

In this talk, I will cover the state of the art methods for covertly hiding data mainly into digital images and for the opposite task of detecting their mere presence. After the introduction of state of the art, I will talk about avenues for further improvements and topics, which are neglected by the community. The presentation will be informal and questions during the presentation are very welcomed.