Department of Computer Science

Established in 1964, the Department of Computer Science was the first university department with computer science degree program established in the Czech Republic.

We embrace foundational computer science topics such as software engineering, networking, and security as well as cross-disciplinary ones such as artificial intelligence, agent-based computing, machine learning, bioinformatics or robotics. We approach the topics through basic research in frame of publicly funded projects (e.g. European Commission or Czech Science Foundation grants) but we are also enthusiasts into applied contractual research projects (e.g. with ŠKODA AUTO, Avast or Red Hat). We put no less emphasis on instruction; the department engages in 84 classes in 2 study programs, representing 8% of the faculty’s educational activities. Besides, we run popular courses within the University of the third age program, co-organize the annual ACM programming contest and numerous community building activities mainly for students. We have experience in building complex, large-scale prototypes of software systems in areas ranging from transport system simulation and control, cyber attack detection to genomic data analysis.