Partnership with Red Hat

Red Hat provides students with their knowledge, know-how and best practices in the field of Java Enterprise, Cloud computing, Internet of Things, Microservices. The company experts tutor two optional advance master courses the Advanced Java EE lab and Advanced Integration of Software Systems. Students have the opportunity to participate on bachelor's, master's and doctoral projects on interesting topics supervised by internationally renown experts, and produce high quality as open-source.

Among sample of defended the work we list:

Thanks to Red Hat and our collaboration, students can see the future trends of design and development (not only) enterprise applications and become experts in this area. Furthermore, they can promote a professional position at Red Hat. Red Hat supported the collaboration and student involvement in open-source with several financial grants for scholarships, which in the year 2015 reached into a long-term cooperation in this field.

Researcher involved: Tomáš Černý