Serédi received the Best Teacher Award

RNDr. Ladislav Serédi from KBSS (cabinet of teaching) has been awarded by the Dean of the FEE CTU prof. Petr Páta for the best teaching performance. He received this award for teaching in Open Informatics and Software Engineering and Technology study programs in the summer semester 2018/2019 and will collect the award on March 26, 2020 (in Bethlehem chapel). And what made our colleague so special that he succeeded in such matter? In his classes, Serédi does not rely on what the students can google in a matter of seconds, plus he really enjoys making mistakes in front of the whole class, and on top of that, rather than with high intelligence you will score with diligence and fair attitude.

To learn more about his methods as well as motivations for leaving the top tech companies to join our university, read this new interview conducted for the Open Informatics website. (Czech only)