The department staff is active in supervising bachelor and master theses. The students interested in our general research topics (software engineering, web applications, computer networks, artificial intelligence, machine learning, multi-agent systems, data analysis, soft computing, see our research groups for the complete overview) are encouraged to contact the prospective supervisors.

How to find and contact them? Both the past topics and the current assignments can be found via The Faculty Theses Management System (access available to students and teachers of CTU). The assignments can be searched according to various criteria, our topics can be found when setting the department search key to Katedra počítačů, Artificial Intelligence Center, Intelligent data analysis and Software engineering and networking. The example of the search settings is available here.

However, the list of proposed topics is by no means complete. The most usual way is to contact your prospective supervisor directly (a teacher of your current or past course, a researcher whose publication list/projects/work is appealing to you) and ask him or her about the present interests, projects and hot ideas. The supervisor then proposes the assignment that fits both the present development of the given research subject and your skills.

The past theses can be found in The Digital Library of the Czech Technical University in Prague (public database).The records of recent theses often include the full texts too. The previous repository used by our department was The Archive of Diploma Theses of the Czech Technical University in Prague. Some extra full texts can be found there.

For supervisor - evaluation of the thesis

Rules for assigning the topic of the diploma thesis at the CS department (Pokyny k zadávání diplomových prací na katedře počítačů)